NEW BRUNSWICK - A Rutgers University employee who put a student in a headlock before a Board of Governors meeting will not face any charges.

"A thorough investigation of the incident of July 20, 2016, was completed by the Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD), including interviews with eyewitnesses," a statement issued by Rutgers said.

In a video posted to the website of the Rutgers student newspaper The Daily Targum,  student Patrick Gibson walked around the meeting room where the Board was meeting about a tuition increase.

The video starts as an unidentified Rutgers employee follows Gibson around the meeting table. The employee then grabs a binder Gibson is holding and throws it.

According to the Targum's account, Gibson was looking at the binders because "I was attempting to figure out what my tuition would be in the upcoming year."

"How many times do I have to tell you? Three times already," the employee said as he hooks Gibson by the neck and briefly holds him in place.

A woman sitting in the audience area comments, "Putting him in a headlock seems a little excessive," as the shot pulls back. The man puts the binder on the table and follows Gibson as he walks towards the audience as the video ends.

"The student involved in this incident was not responsive to RUPD’s multiple attempts at communication. The student has not expressed a desire to pursue the matter further with RUPD. Based on this investigation, RUPD will not pursue charges," said the university in a statement.

The Board voted to increase tuition 1.7 percent for the 2016-17 school year along with room and board.