Be read to reroute in Point Pleasant this Monday night. The Army Corps of Engineers has some work to do under the Route 88 Bridge over the Point Pleasant Canal.

Route 88 bridge in Point Pleasant (YouTube)

Officials at the New Jersey Department of Transportation say the roadblocks will be up, weather permitting, between 10 PM and 5 AM to allow the Corps to conduct "necessary underwater work in the Canal."

DOT spokesman Tim Greeley explains that it's part of ongoing work the Corps has conducted intermittently at the spot for the past two years. The bridge will be in the open position to allow a crane to be brought in by barge.

DOT also says that it won't be the last closure, but that drivers will get a heads-up for any to follow. The department maintains current traffic info at

Drivers on Route 88 eastbound will be shuttled over to Beaver Dam Road (County Route 630) to Bridge Avenue and across the Lovelandtown Bridge to Bay Avenue before reconnecting with the highway.

Westbound cars and trucks detour to Bay and Bridge Avenues, across the Lovelandtown Bridge to Beaver Dam Road and then back onto Route 88. The big roadside light-up message boards will be set up on either side of the site.