We've had a number of polls for you to vote on so far this week and we've gotten some great results so I wanted to take a few minutes to give you the latest updates (you can still vote, of course!)

First, the image above shows us where we are in the Jersey Shore poll. As you know, the whole gang is returning this Summer. We asked, do you think Jersey Shore is good for us, from a tourist dollar standpoint, or bad, from a reputation standpoint? As you can see the voting is really close, with "Bad" edging out "Good" by less than 14% Seems like here in Ocean County we're kind of torn over whether Snooki and crew are a positive or a negative. Interestingly, the results started out strongly in the "Bad" category, but "Good" has started to catch up over the last few days.

Next, I asked if you've ever experienced "phantom vibrations" from your cell phone, that feeling that your phone in your pocket is ringing, when it actually isn't (some people have even called and commented to say that it's happened to them without their phones even in their pockets!). 78% of you have said that yes, you have experienced this weird phenomena.

Both of the polls are still open, you can vote on Jersey Shore here and you can vote on "phantom vibrations" here.

Plus, you can see some of our past polls by clicking here and checking out our "poll" tag page!