As thousands of visitors drive to our Jersey Shore this weekend, and as you might be heading OUT of town, I thought it would be a good time to talk about road trips.

Time in the car can be a great opportunity to talk and reconnect.  It can also be time to have fun!  So when your kids are taking a break from playing video games in the back seat, how about engaging them in some road trip games?  Here are some suggestions in addition to spotting license plates from other states.

Counting Game:   Find 20 left-pointing arrows or 25 red cars, for example.

Alphabet Game:  Each person says a sentence that starts with the next letter of the alphabet.

20 Questions: About a famous person, place, or thing.

What are some things you do on a family road trip, to help pass the time and prevent a constant chorus of "Are We There Yet?"

Next question...what do you pack for your road trips?  Any favorite snacks or "must-have" items before you venture out?

Please post here.  And have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!