Just a few random thoughts with no specific purpose in mind.

There is really nothing else that can be said now that former Toms River Schools Superintendent Michael J. Ritacco has been sentenced to more than 11 years in prison.  However I will say something and that is those who are almost jubilant in his sentence and fall from grace should take a long look in the mirror.

There is nothing good here, just a whole lot of bad.  You are certainly entitled to feel that Ritacco got his just-due but at the very least have sympathy for his family.  His children and grandchildren live in Toms River and have to deal with not just the shame but knowing that their father and grandfather will spend the next decade or so in prison.

In addition I suggest there will be those who use the scandal to further their own ambitions…you might want to examine their motivations very closely.

The return of former Rutgers coach Greg Schiano to New Jersey certainly ended with some controversy Sunday as the Giants tried to run out the clock against Schiano’s new team, the Tampa Bay Bucs.  As Eli Manning prepared to take a knee on the final play the Bucs came charging in looking for a turnover which is not a violation of the rules but established NFL etiquette.

Opinions are varied and I tend to side on Schiano’s tactics as being fine at Rutgers but not in the NFL.  Anyway what’s really interesting is to see what happens when the Bucs try to run out the clock to end a game.

This is the 20th anniversary of Monmouth University football and I’ve said all along this could be a pretty special season.  The Hawks take a two-game winning streak into Saturday’s home game against Sacred Heart at Kessler Field and it will be a good chance for local fans to see some very good football.

Linebacker Dan Sullivan of Manasquan picked up a couple of big honors after making 3 ½ sacks in Monmouth’s win over Wagner Saturday.  The junior was named Northeast Conference Defensive Player of the Week and National Defensive Player of the Week by The Sports Network and the College Football Performance Awards.



Sullivan finished with 9 tackles as well as a forced fumble.