Shore Assemblyman David Rible will be serving as Assembly Republican Conference Leader following a nomination from his colleagues in Trenton.

The 30th district Assemblyman was voted in following the death of Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce, who was succeeded by Assemblyman John Bramnick. The new role makes Rible the second ranking member of the GOP on the Assembly floor and will involve him leading the caucus as well as helping Bramnick work on policy decisions.

Rible believes the two years prior he spent as the minority whip prepared him for the responsibilities of the new role.

"As that [minority whip] you build relationships with the caucus because you’re constantly reaching out to the members. I think that by the relationship I’ve already built with the members makes it easier for me to help lead the caucus because I already have a pulse on what the members are thinking."

News of Rible's appointement came shortly before Governor Christie gave his State of the State address, and Wall resident says that he is "lock step" with the governor's plans of focusing of education reform, tax breaks, and job creation.

"With those three things together I think we can actually bring real property tax relief to the state.  We’re getting there, and I think folks have to have confidence and a little more hard work and we will just actually make this happen."

With Rible being a shore native, and Bramnick representing Union County, Rible believes it will give some good geographic balance to the GOP in the assembly.

" It hasn’t been as balanced as it is now, so I think that it’s going to be very very beneficial to the people down here."