Today marks the conclusion of two decades of service for one shore area Senator. is retiring and he looks back fondly on his time in the 10th Legislative District.

Senator Andy Ciesla had been in the same position since 1991. He was a member and former Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee and also served on the Environment Committee. He’s been balancing his time with the public work and his regular day job as Area Manager of Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. Ciesla was a shore boy who graduated from Point Pleasant Borough High School and later Syracuse University.

Before taking the seat in the 10th, Ciesla had worn many hats in his hometown of Brick. He was the executive director and operations manager at the Brick Township Municipal Utilities Authority, served as a councilman and council president.


One year ago, Ciesla announced he would not seek an additional term, saying 20 years in office was enough, given how much he accomplished. Ciesla says he will definitely miss the duties and responsibilities associated with the job but most of all, he will miss the people.

Ciesla says “it’s all very bittersweet. I will definitely miss what I’ve done. We’ve tackled a lot of things over the years. Since being elected, I’ve sponsored or co-sponsored a number of measures that have been signed into law.”

Several transportation infrastructure improvement projects, open space and park funding grants are a small sampling. While he says he’ll miss serving, he’s looking forward to spending time with his family as a private citizen again.

Ciesla adds “it will be great to catch up with the family. There’s my wife Debra and my three sons Alex, Andrew and Adam. There will be more time than I’ll know what to do with. In terms of the 10th District and my constituents, they’re in good hands with my colleagues and our newest elected Assemblyman.”

Assemblyman Jim Holzapfel is taking over the Senate spot while former Toms River Councilman Greg McGuckin joins on as an Assemblyman with Dave Wolfe.