Today is the party where we wish her well and whisk her off to her future.  She's been a constant here at 92.7 WOBM.  She always greets everyone with a smile and still has the best amount sarcasm of anyone I know.

If you won prizes from us, you know her.  She was the first person you'd see when you would come to the studios.  Joyce is the Mom, friend, fax-receiver, phone answer-er, prize hander-outer, she's there for a hug, she's there for a laugh, she's there if someone in the office needs help, she's always been there for everyone.  There is no doubt that she is the one person who everyone runs to when they need an answer or help or even if the toilet needs to be fixed in the building.  She has the best advice and she doesn't even realize she's giving it.  Joyce is that constant here at WOBM, that warm sweater you put on in the Fall or those comfy socks that are so hard to live without.  I might not have seen her every day, but I always knew she was here.

More than a co-worker, always a friend, I couldn't be happier for Joyce.  She can stay up late now and stay in her jammies all day!  She'll have more time to spend with her lovely family.

Joyce,  just know every day you will be missed.  You'll probably get phone calls on a daily basis asking where everything is, and we know you will answer the phone!  If you have caller-id, maybe you shouldn't answer it.  I'm laughing to myself, Joyce would never do that.  You've been a huge impact on my life here at WOBM and in my personal life.  You've been there with me for almost all of it.  Our friendship will continue.  We still have to go to the diner for that delicious rice pudding.  Enjoy every second of your retirement, you truly deserve it!  "Thank you" for everything you've done for Shawn and I for the last 15 years---it's so hard to say, "Good-bye", so let's just say...."Have fun my friend"!  I love you so much and I'm so grateful for you and just know Townsquare Towers was and will always a better place because of you!

Joyce was always a trooper and always willing to be in our silly videos:

Happy Retirement Joyce: