Two late-night break-ins, a month apart, at the same Howell Township Citgo station - and one hooded suspect in police cross-hairs.

Citgo burglary suspect (Howell Twp. PD)

Investigators Thursday issued surveillance stills, hoping to jog the memory of an acquaintance, or of anyone who recognizes the tattoo on his right lower leg, the hoodie with a skull emblazoned on the back, or the light-colored sedan.

The service station is near Lakewood, on Route 9 South at Ford Road. The only clear description police have is of a white male.

Citgo burglary getaway car (Howell Twp. PD)

On April 30, at about 2:30 AM. he broke the gas station's office window, made off with cigarettes, ran to the car in the nearby Golden Farmer's Market lot, and sped south on Route 9, police said.

Just about a month later, on May 28, he smashed the office window again, but scurried off empty-handed when an alarm sounded.

Police say that every piece of information from citiens is analyzed, and the results help to solve countless crimes.

If the suspect seems familiar, e-mail Howell PD Detective Anthony Romano or call him aat 732-938-4575, ext. 2879. Tips can be left anonymously and confidentially at the Howell PD digital tip line.

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