There are not a lot of quotes from my father that I steal on a regular basis with one notable exception….”the worst thing about getting older is you know more people who die.” It’s not a brilliant quote but it is certainly factual as we all all get up there in years.

In my father’s case another one quote that might be appropriate is “if you live long enough you realize all your friends are gone.”

Michael “Buddy” O’Shaughnessy was my father’s last “best friend” and he passed away Sunday at the age of 81 hours before the Giants would advance to the Super Bowl which I’m sure made Buddy happy…after all he loved the Big Blue. The Wall Township native loved his family the most, especially his partner in crime for 52 years and the love of his life Betty. Their son Michael and daughters Joanne and Liz gave the O’Shaughnessys’ six grandchildren to be proud of and they were.




I know of Buddy as a devoted friend which he was to my father, especially in recent years. The two go way back to days in Rockaway Beach and Belle Harbor, New York and every time they would get together they were sure to wax poetic about better days and times. They would reminisce about the colorful characters they knew and it seemed everyone had a nickname…especially the Irish guys which there were a lot of. Time as it always does took its toll on both but it’s ironic that in recent years it was Buddy who would often help get my father to a doctor’s appointment of some kind. The two of them together in the waiting room was a show in itself and I’m sure a patient or two relocated when they got going.

When they went out for lunch, which they liked to do it was like a comedy act and fortunately Betty went often enough to keep control.

Anyway later today I will take my Dad to pay his final respects which he dreads because it will remind him there will be no more lunches or laughter …that is until somewhere down the road when they can toss one back with all the other “Rockaway Rats.”