We've known for close to a year that Regis Philbin is on the verge of retirement, but it's hard to believe that it's right around the corner (November 18th to be exact). The show will continue, but now producers have to decide who will sit next to Kelly Ripa on a daily basis.

Many different fill-ins have sat next to Kelly or Reege over the years while one or the other has been on vacation, and the rotating schedule of temporary co-hosts will kick off with a big name when Jerry Seinfield sits in starting November 21st.

A lot of pretty big names have sat in the Live chairs over the years, including Anderson Cooper (who currently has a daytime show of his own, but it's not exactly breaking any ratings records). Kelly's husband, actor Mark Consuelos, has brought a fresh, natural co-host relationship to the show. Many a daytime viewer has gotten lost in Survivor host Jeff Probst's dimples on occasion. And some are even predicting that Ryan Seacrest could be a candidate (which, in my opinion, would prove that human cloning actually has been perfected, allowing him to do his daily radio show in LA, produce about 9 dozen tv shows, and of course host American Idol).

So what do you think?