Are you a recent college grad suffering from major remorse?

A new study finds very little future planning goes into the selection of majors for students, and many who are struggling to find a job say they would have been much more careful in hindsight.

A majority of students surveyed in the John H. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University study said they wished they would have gone into a professional major like science, technology, engineering or math.

“About four in ten said they would pick a different major if they could do it again” said Carl Van Horn, the center’s director.

When asked what type of classes they wish they had taken more of, a majority of all recent college graduates said they wish they had taken more computer and technology classes (56%). One-third each said they regret not taking more business/finance classes (36%) and quantitative skills classes (34%). Also on the list but lower are writing classes (24%), math classes (21%), and speaking classes (15%).

Van Horn says in a tough labor market, taking more classes can help you land a job post graduation.

“I think its more important to gather certain skills..whether its communicating skills, research, analytical skills, because they’re always in demand in the labor market no matter what your major is.”

Finally, half said they took some sort of internship (29% for credit, 21% for pay), and half did not.

“Its not just sufficient to say okay I’m going to college now I’m going to get a job, because that’s never been the case and its certainly less the case now than it was fifteen years ago” said Van Horn.