Election Day has come and gone and here are some random thoughts.

President Barack Obama waves to supporters after his victory speech at McCormick Place in Chicago (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

We heard the word “change” quite a bit during the campaign but this morning we wake up with this fact…nothing really changed.  Some $6 billion was spent and we still have a Democratic President, Democratic Senate and Republican Congress.

Seems the $6 billion could have gone to better use.

It does not take a genius to figure out the Republican Party needs to get its house in order because clearly they no longer resonate with the changing demographics in the country.  Mitt Romney was the overwhelming choice of white male voters and in the old days that would have equaled victory.  However the GOP message is not being well received with the growing number of Hispanic voters, women and young voters.

They better find a way to move away from the religious zealots or face the prospect of being whipped again in four years.

Here’s one you might not know.  We now have three consecutive two-term presidents in Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama, something that has not happened since 1816.

As expected and as usual it was a good night for Ocean County Republicans, who helped easily re-elect Congressmen Jon Runyan and Christopher Smith, Freeholders John Bartlett and Gerry Little and Sherriff William Polhemus.  When it comes to county politics it’s a losing proposition for the Democrats time and time again.

In most cases the School Board Elections flew under the radar but not in Toms River where that was the most significant of the local elections.  The large turnout probably helped the so-called “Clean Slate” team of Ginny Rhine, Joseph Torrone and Gigi Esparza oust three incumbents.

Along with three current Board members it gives the group that ran on an anti-Ritacco theme control of the Board of Education and could lead to sweeping changes.  Will be interesting to watch for sure.