This month, CentraState Healthcare System is launching a new health insurance option for area small businesses.

CentraState Medical Center in Freehold (Google Street View)

The CentraState Community Health Plan (CCHP) is a self-insured multiple employer welfare arrangement plan that will be administered by QUALCARE.  QUALCARE VP of Insurance Operations Dawn Wright said it's a chance for CentraState to show its support for the Shore.

"They reached out to us and said they wanted to do something for their local community employers.  We already had this health plan through Affiliated (Physicians and Employers Health) that we were administering, so we thought it would be, you know, a perfect marriage,"  said Wright.

CCHP members would also have access to wellness programs in the hopes of generating more savings by improving overall employee health.  Wright said the wellness aspect of the plan was very important to CentraState.

For more information on joining the CCHP, just call 855-610-2366.