When Manchester Township police track down the off-roader they've dubbed #Quadzilla, they'll expect some explanations about damage left behind at the high school last Saturday.

#Quadzilla (Manchester Twp. PD)

Police said the black-clad, helmeted speedster wasn't shy about tearing up the campus, even smiling - and gesturing - for the front door cameras while trying to ram through them.

#Quadzilla (Manchester Twp. PD)

Before reaching the entrance, police said, #Quadzilla warmed up on the soccer fields, spnning the red-and-black all-terrain vehicle for donuts that tore up the turf. From there, it was on to the Junior Varsity softball fields, where fences were destroyed.

Anyone who can help identify #Quadzilla is urged to call School Officer Cerullo, 732-657-2009, private-message Manchester police on Facebook, or enter the Tip Line portal at the police department's web page.

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