While an investigation continues into the shooting of three people in Asbury Park, one of whom was only a year old, the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office reiterates Asbury Park residents aren't in any additional danger.

Andrew Burton, Getty Images

On Tuesday, the prosecutor's office announced the three victims in Monday's shooting, in the 700 block of Comstock Avenue, were all unintended targets.

The shooting occurred at roughly 7:30 pm, during twilight hours. Monmouth County first assistant prosecutor Marc LeMieux told residents not to be scared following the tragic incident.

"I do not have any worries that people cannot be out in the community; I think they can be," LeMieux said. "We are going to continue under the circumstances."

To curb violent crime, the county is working with local, state and federal law enforcement, specifically targeting gun crimes.

"Since September, we have had only one homicide in Monmouth County," LeMieux said.

Officials would not say if the shooting was gang-related.