With today being National Dog Day, it's a good time to talk about why they deserve a day of recognition.  (Although I'd bet most dog lovers treat every day like a special doggie holiday.)

Some reasons why I love dogs, just off the top of my head:  They're loving, loyal, and entertaining.  They force me to slow down and stop and smell the roses while they're sniffing everything on their walks.  Their fur is soft and nice to touch.

Turns out there's scientific and other evidence to prove that dogs are actually good for us!  Here are some findings from a national survey conducted by Milo's Kitchen, the treat company, about how canines improve our lives:


1. Stress relief
2. Staying active and fit
3. Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
4. Comforting us
5. Encouraging social interaction
6. Coping with depression
7. Teaching us about love
8. Health alert detection
9. Companionship
10. Allergy deterrent
11. Mood enhancement
12. Heat therapy
13. Improved dating possibilities
14. Study help
15. Bringing joy and happiness
16. Personal security

You can read more findings here: http://mktreattruck.com/2015/08/25/milos-kitchen-dog-happy-survey/

Do you agree that having a dog is good for you?  What's one of your favorite things about having a "fur-baby" in your house?