Tonight We are taking your comments "Live" as the debate unfolds

Hello , Shawn Michaels here from the Ocean County Breakfast Show. Tonight I'll be moderating as your Host , you can post your thoughts and comments here as the debate unfolds. Be sure to stay tuned to 92.7 WOBM & for complete election 2012 coverage.


We will look at your comments Thursday morning on the OCBS and we thank you in advance for taking part in our social media experiment.

As always please remember to keep your comments within reason and  "family friendly" :)


flickr, DonkeyHotey

Who wins ... in your opinion ?

  • What were key points you liked ?
  • What were issues and comments you didn't like ?
  • Did either Candidate win your vote tonight ?
  • What are issues you wanna see explored more ?



Share your comments throughout Tonight's debate