A postal worker in Toms River leaps into action to foil a car burglary before dawn.

Township police say George Bell, 54, was traveling Crystal Drive and turning on to Yellowbank Rod on his way to his job at about 4 AM today hen he spotted a teen breaking into a vehicle.

Bell, say police, called 911 as the 17-year-old left the car and disappeared into a backyard. Authorities say Bell left his car as the teen hopped a bicycle, telling him that he'd reported the burglary.

The juvenile, who police say is currently homeless, struck Bell and the two grappled on the ground. Bell was able to keep the suspect occupied until two officers arrived. He was bitten in the shoulder in the process, and later treated for the bite and other bruises at Community Medical Center in Toms River

Chief Mike Mastronardy says the teenager was found with gift cards, credit cards and about $66 in cash. He was placed in the Ocean County Juvenile Detention Center and charged with burglary, theft, assault and possession of a weapon, specifically a pocket knife.

Investigations into the incident are being managed by Toms River PD Detective Glen Lucas. he can be contacted at 732-349-0150, extension 1218.