It's hard to believe that just hours after our last presidential election that we were digging out from a snowstorm, but that's exactly what happened in 2012 at the Jersey Shore. Do you remember the snowstorm that hit four years ago this week?

The Jersey Shore was still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. In fact, many were still in the dark. Thousands of residents on the barrier islands hadn't even been allowed to return to the homes, but Mother Nature had another dealt another blow to us. As much of a foot of snow falling in Ocean County on November 7th and 8th (just hours after Election Day).

For many of us (myself included) the power had just come back in my Ocean County home that day before going back out again that evening. The weight of the heavy snow and gusty winds from the early season Nor'Easter were just too much for the already fragile infrastructure.

In fact, I was working the overnight shift from home at the time, and I was forced to work from my rental car that evening. Why was I in a rental car? Flood waters from Hurricane Sandy totaled my vehicle. At least I had a power inverter in my car for my laptop, and I was able to run the heat in the vehicle.

So just how much snow did fall during that storm?

  • Freehold topped the list with 13" of snow that night.
  • Jackson and Manchester both received 12" of snow from the storm.
  • Beachwood picked up 8.5" of snow during that storm.
  • Brick picked up 7" of snow from the early season Nor'Easter.

[Snow totals via National Weather Service Archives]

What are your memories of the post-Sandy/Election Day snowstorm? Share them with us in the comments below.