Jackson Police post an alert on Facebook about a possible kidnapping after a motorist reported seeing a woman bound and gagged in the back seat of a gray pickup truck Tuesday afternoon. 
The pickup, with an extended cab, a rear bed tool box, tinted windows and yellow lettering for a tree service company, was spotted on South New Prospect road, near Woodlane Road headed toward County Line Road/Route 526.

The woman is described as in her thirties to forties with light skin and possibly Hispanic.

Jackson Police officers and detectives conducted a canvass of several areas seeking information on the suspect vehicle and surrounding Police Departments were also notified.

At this time, there have been no missing persons or abductions reported to the agency and no further information about this incident. Anyone with information on the incident, vehicle or identity of the female is asked to contact Jackson Police Detective Mitch Cowit at 732-928-1111, ext. 3012.