New Jersey's Move-Over Law enters high gear for visibility - and it has the languid turtle to thank.

The law aims to reduce senseless road deaths by requiring drivers to slow down and give wide berth to police officers conducting roadside stops and drivers tending disabled cars.

On June 2, the mother of a New Jersey State Trooper who was killed by a car during an investigation on Route 195 in Howell in 2010 completed a valuable phase of her consciousness-raising mission.

Donna Setaro, mother of the late Trooper Marc Castellano, was joined by more than 100 supporters and spectators as she officially dedicated a new turtle habitat at Popcorn Park Zoo in Lacey Township.

The preserve - which she immediately dubbed "Turtle Club Med" - was built almost entirely with donated materials and services. She also exceeded her goal of raising $5,000 for the purpose. Castellano's former colleagues on the New Jersey State Police contributed $1,200 at the ceremony.

Mrs. Setaro says that the sanctuary is designed to remind visitors of the value of the Move-Over Law in saving lives. "The cooperation from the faculty and students at Lacey High School and Middle School, as well as the zoo employees and state troopers, was amazing," she said, "and helped create this wonderful exhibit."

The monetary contributions are going to the zoo directors, under the auspices of American Humane Societies, to use as they see fit. Mrs. Setaro continues to travel tirelessly throughout the state to promote the law that rose to prominence in the aftermath of the tragedy that took her son's life.