I sometimes have to chide myself for missing some of the great, key Ocean County destinations for years.

As I wrote about a week or two ago, I'd only recently made the trip out to Cattus Island Park. And now last weekend I made my first trip out to Popcorn Park Zoo.

Again, it's nobody's fault but mine that I waited this long to make the easy drive out there, but I'm glad that I finally got out there. I loved it.

From the friendly, eat the popcorn right out of your hand animals, to the sheer size of the place, I felt like a little kid -

"look at this!"
"come over here!"
"look at that little guy!"
"I need more popcorn!"

It was a blast! If you haven't been to Popcorn Park, or if you haven't been in a while, it's an absolutely perfect choice for a family afternoon!