More than 115,000 consumer votes were tallied up in's second annual Worst Ad in America Awards.

Winners in the categories of worst TV Ads in America:

  • Trends That Needs to Stop Being a Trend:  Men Barely tolerate Their Wives/Girlfriends (as seen in ads for Klondike & McDonalds)
  • Most Grating Performace By a Human Being:  AT&T The Flash Mob Guy
  • Most Irritating Animated Character:  CarFax The CarFox
  • Worst Abuse of An Existing Song:  Swiffer "What About Love" by Heart
  • Group That Ought To Go Their Separate Ways:  The Esurance Staff
  • Celebrity Who Could Probably Use A New Manager Right Now:  Hulk Hogan & Troy Aikman for Rent-A-Center