A new poll shows Jersey Senator Bob Menendez remains unaffected by a scandal involving one of his biggest supporters.

U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) at the Capitol for confirmation hearing for Senator John Kerry (D-MA) (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The Monmouth University-Asbury Park Press Poll out today shows two out of three in the poll have heard about Senator Menendez trips to the Dominican Republic aboard a plane owned by a doctor being investigated by the FBI.

Poll Director Patrick Murray says few have formed an opinion about Menendez's involvement with Doctor Salomon Melgen.

"The issue right now is that people feel that this is flying under the radar, it is something that they are simply not paying attention to."

These views are somewhat less favorable, though, among the one-third of New Jersey voters who have heard a lot about the issue. Nearly half (47%) of this aware group say Menendez was probably involved in wrong-doing compared to just 18% who say he was not. Among Democrats who have heard a lot, 36% think the senator was involved in wrong-doing and 31% say he was not. Among aware independent voters, opinion is 47% involved to 11% not involved, and among aware Republicans it is 65% involved to 12% not involved.

The poll shows 41% of voters in the poll approve of the job Senator Menendez is doing, 31% disapprove and 28% have no opinion. Those results are similar to his approval ratings over the past two years.

"Right now, the unfolding story has not hurt Senator Menendez's standing among New Jersey voters, in part because very few voters have been following it all that closely," said Murray.