Some closure today on the fifth anniversary of the disappearance of Julia Madsen, as the family holds a memorial service in South Seaside Park at dusk but no closure for Police investigating this case.

"How she just disappeared from the beach down there is mind-boggling you know, a day doesn't go by where I certainly don't think about it, that's for sure," said lead Detective Joe Santoro of the Berkeley Township Police Department.

Even though Madsen is also being legally declared dead today, Santoro said the case will never be closed as long as Madsen remains missing. He said he's hoping the five-year anniversary and front-page news media exposure will jog someone's memory and provide them with more information.

"Basically what happens now is, we wait for any leads to come in. We haven't had any leads on this in quite some time."

Santoro said because Berkeley Township has a large senior population, they've become quite adept at locating missing persons with dementia who wander away. However, he calls this case out of the ordinary.

"The fact that we have no really solid leads on this after five years is certainly disturbing."

The family is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to Madsen's remains.

The memorial takes place tonight at Madsen's South Seaside Park vacation home on 22nd Avenue at 7 p.m.

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