Police in Beachwood are investigating an early morning burglary attempt at  Baldanza's Bakery on Route 9.

Police say that it was before opening hours that the break-in took place. But the perenially-popular spot was already bustling with activity as overnight workers prepared the morning's fresh bread, rolls and cake.

According to a Beachwood police sergeant, none of the workers reported any injuries, and no money appears to have been taken.

The owner, Frank Cognetta, says it the staff is still shaken. "I was told that they broke into the second story, in the office," he tells us. "They swung in from the roof, believe it or not, like a movie...crashed through the window."

At least a half-dozen local and Ocean County investigative teams responded, including a K-9 unit.

The search for the suspect continues. This is a developing story. Check back for details as they surface. Share your comments at our site.

Broken glass following a robbery at the Baldanza's Bakery in Beachwood (Jason Allentoff, Townsquare Media NJ)