This past Saturday wasn't a great ice cream day. It was rainy and raw outside. But it wasn't a craving for ice cream that drew me in to Point Creamery in Point Pleasant this past weekend, it was the eye-catchingly new building that pulled me in.

Photo by Justin Louis

Right on the corner of Route 88 and Northstream Parkway, one of the busiest stretches when summer rolls around, I've driven past the location plenty of times, but gone is the old vinyl sided window service Rita's Italian Ice building, and in its place now is a bright, inviting building that's almost as much window as it is actual building.


Photo by Justin Louis

By no fault of their own (thank you very much Mother Nature!) Point Creamery wasn't busy, but behind the counter was Nicole, a smiling employee who was happy to not only answer all of my questions (some of which were admittedly inane), but offered up samples of some of their store-made creations.

Point Creamery isn't "new" per se, it opened around the middle of last summer, but it was new to me (I openly admit that my path to Point Beach usually circumvents Route 88), and at only about 6 months old, there's still a lot to discover.

It's great to see a new locally owned business doing things the old way, making their ice cream right there on location, in a shiny new building (if you don't go in for the ice cream, at least go in for the subway tile lined interior!) right in the heart of Ocean County!


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