Yep, I made that my title.  Thought it might catch your eye and wonder why?

I usually don't suffer from PMS.  I get a little tired the week before it makes an appearance.  As my Mom always called it "My friend."    But I thought this was so interesting that this morning I went to Walgreens and got this coupon. 

 I've never seen it before.  It's a vitamin for PMS.  Wow I thought to myself, I know a couple of girlfriends that suffer from this.  Who knew?  Did you know there was a vitamin for PMS besides maybe a margarita and a huge piece of chocolate.   And let's face it ladies, it's not just us who suffer from PMS...Men do too!  Do you think they could take it too?

Hope it helps you...Ask your Dr. first!  Do you suffer from PMS?  How long does it last?  And did you know about this little vitamin that might help?