Going to bounce around a bit today.

Monsignor Donovan High School

I took part in Monsignor Donovan High School’s annual Career Day on Tuesday although I almost missed it. For whatever reason I forgot about the event which I had put on my calendar a couple of months ago. However about a half hour before I was expected to be at the school I got a reminder message on my IPhone which allowed me to grab some notes and report on time.

I spoke to three classes and was rather surprised at the number of students who already have career objectives although none were interested in broadcasting or communications. I guess that’s a good thing in terms of my job security.  Among the popular career choices of the students I spoke to were engineering, accounting and finance, education and a few would-be veterinarians.

Like many with any involvement in the amusement business I was saddened to learn of the passing of Frederick J. Rolle III who was simply “Fritz” to all who knew him.  “Fritz” Rolle died last week at his Delray Beach, Florida home at the age of 65.  He spent his life in the amusement business, starting with his family in Seaside Heights and then for many years in Point Pleasant Beach and Wildwood.

Frederick Fritz Rolle III (Rolle Family)

Visitation will be this Friday from noon-4pm and 6-8pm at Timothy E. Ryan Home for Funerals on St. Catherine Boulevard in Toms River. There will be a funeral mass Saturday at 9am at St. Joseph’s Church in Toms River.

Looking to end on an up note and following up yesterday’s piece on my favorite baseball movies.  How about some of the sport’s greatest quotes:

“Who is Base Ruth and what does she do?”                           (George Bernard Shaw)

“I watch a lot of baseball on radio”                               (Gerald Ford)

“How could he lose a ball in the sun? He’s from Mexico” (Harry Caray)

“90% of his game is half mental.”                                  (Yogi Berra)

“If a horse won’t eat it, I don’t want to play on it.”      (Ex-Phillie Dick Allen on artificial turf)

“When they start the game they don’t say Work Ball! They say Play Ball.”                                                      (Willie Stargell)