The Toms River owner of a pit bull has surrendered the dog to Animal Control Officers to be euthanized after it attacked a mother and her two children as they headed to school, according to News 12 New Jersey.

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Both boys were hospitalized with face and neck wounds after the attack last week on the family's property. News 12 reports a four-year-old boy pinned to the ground by the pit bull needed 35 stitches. The boys' mother suffered an arm bite trying to pry the dog away.

Their screams alerted a neighbor, who repeatedly struck the pit bull with a hammer until it leg go, according to News 12.

Toms River Assistant Township Attorney told News 12 the pit bull had not been neutered, making it doubly aggressive.

The dog's owner, Angelique Anderson, had raised the 3-year-old pit bull since it was a puppy and never had any prior incidents. She told News 12 the family had moved in a day before the attack and that her grandmother let the pit bull out, but forgot the new home didn't have a fence.

It's unknown whether Anderson will face any charges. An attorney has been hired to represent the victims, according to News 12.



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