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A young Toms River man, who's endured unbearable physical challenges and numerous surgeries, starts a foundation to help others. On WOBM-AM's Townsquare Tonight, 19-year-old Chris Nolze said he began his foundation, Chris's Fight For A Cure, to pay it forward.

He explained that when he was undergoing treatment, the students and staff at his intermediate and high schools held several fundraisers that helped ease the financial burden on his family.

"and seeing how they came together to help us, I wanted to do the same for others," Chris said.

Chris has set up a Facebook page called Chris's Fight For A Cure Foundation. A review of the page shows a Christmas toy drive and efforts to help a young cancer patient ... among other things. He said he also wants to use proceeds from the Foundation to help find cures for diseases.

Nolze describes his battle with cancer at the age of 4 with an inoperable tumor that caused spinal fluid buildup in his brain, a chronic hiccuping condition and now a condition that has attacked the nerves in his face and had once delivered constant excruciating pain. However, you won't hear Chris wallow in self pity. He remains unflinchingly positive.

"But then I also look at all of the good that's come from it. I look at the Character that all of these diseases have given to me and how they've actually defined me," Chris said.

Chris said his struggles have given him a new perspective. He said he takes things that he once thought were really big are now minimal and visa versa.