A Philadelphia felon with eight convictions in his past can expect to spend another five years in prison for blackmailing a victim in New Jersey who answered his Craigslist ad for a homosexual encounter.

Steven J. Beisher, 42, pleaded guilty to extortion in a Burlington County court, admitting that he collected $1,950 from the victim before New Jersey State Police were called, according to acting New Jersey Attorney General John J. Hoffman's office.

Beisher admitted placing the ad that drew a response in the form of a naked photo in August 2012, authorities said. He then looked up the victim's address and phone number and launched a string of demands, threatening to expose the victim, and the victim's family, unless payments were delivered, authorities said.

According to investigators, the two met seven times in a nine-day span for payments of several hundred dollars each.

Prosecutors say Beisher was convicted for extortion in Pennsylvania in October 2012 and also has five burglary convictions and two convictions for receiving stolen property in that state. His sentencing date is July 11, 2014.