We all have pet peeves and most are kind of innocent little things that we don’t give much thought to except at a particular time when it just gets to us.

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Then there are those like myself who often get consumed by these minor annoyances so much so that they cause us to shake, sweat and swear.  In my mind there are different levels of pet peeves although they all share one important characteristic and that is what bothers you is often something that someone else cares little or nothing about.

Take for example ones that keep popping up and driving me crazy:


  • Not getting napkins when you order something from a drive-thru food place and then when you ask getting a look of disgust.
  • Drivers who refuse to use turn signals.
  • People who open loud candy wrappers during movies.
  • Co-workers who take the last paper towel in the bathroom and leave it that way.
  • Co-workers who never check to see if there is paper in the printer and when they realize it’s empty don’t add paper but rather just print to another printer.
  • Anyone over the age of 30 who greets others with “bro.”
  • Having to fill out the same insurance information on a form that is on the card that is copied by a doctor of medical provider.
  • The hard plastic casing used for what are usually cheap electronic products.
  • Those who feel that because they have an expensive car can take up two spaces in a parking lot.
  • Road signs for commercial businesses that are placed on local, county and state roads.  If you want to advertise pay for it like others.
  • People who don’t acknowledge or answer an email and then when you send it again write back…”I got this the first time.”
  • Those who refuse to return their shopping cart and simply leave it in a parking space.
  • Cashiers and customers who carry on conversations while you are trying to simply pay for an item or two and get out of the store.
  • You wait in line at a fast food establishment and when it’s time for the person in front of you to order they open with “give me a minute” when they just waited for five minutes.
  • Slow walkers…worse yet slow walkers on cell phones.
  • I know this one will tick off some people but those who talk to their dogs and cats and refer to themselves as “mommy and daddy.”  Pets aren’t that dumb…they know their mommy and daddy don’t have 2 legs.