Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media

Today was a "perfect day" ! Sunshine, warm, low humidty and alil light wind. Today was the type of day we talk about on the Ocean County Breakfast Show and say "bottle it" in other words so nice that if you could sell it you would make some great money :)

After the show yesterday I had a few errands to do and then I plopped down on our deck and just relaxed. It was a nice day with low humidity but the light wind made it very nice because on a day like today the "bugs" are gone as they hate the air flow. In fact alot of people will use a fan on their back decks if they live in a "buggy" area and being on the bay in Southern Ocean County .... We are in the bug capitol of the world!

Did alil reading and listened to Lisa Leonard on radio-pup ( the app to take WOBM with you everywhere ) and of course a cup of coffee " perfect day "

The sun today had that "end of summer" feel. Bright but not as HOT , today I could feel a little "autumn" creeping in ....

Did you enjoy Thursday ?

Our lives these days are busier then ever and with lifes twists and turns .... A day like Thursday is always welcomed!

This song says it all .....