It's hard to believe that by this time in 48 hours, something that's been a part of me for over 30 years will be gone. Yes, I'm having my wisdom teeth removed.

I have to say, all things considered I'm pretty lucky. I've made it this far with them. A lot of people have to have their wisdom teeth removed in their 20s or even their teens.

I actually had a fantastic pediatric dentist when I was little. He pulled the teeth that needed to be pulled when they needed to be and did exactly what needed to be done so my adult teeth would come in perfectly.

And they did...I was traumatized by all the work, but I have a great set of nice, straight teeth.

In fact I'm not having my wisdom teeth out because of a serious problem it just turns out that, being way in the back of my mouth, some decay has gotten in one of them over the years and it's not really possible to drill it and fill the cavity because of where it is way back there.

So above you can see my shopping trip from this morning...yogurt, jell-o, and pudding.

So how about you, did you have your wisdom teeth removed? How did it go? And what would you suggest I add to my shopping list between now and then? Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below!