Today my "baby" daughter takes her written driver test! Another sure sign she is no longer a "baby" and is growing up, but this is a tough one for Dad to deal with ......

Today Erin, our baby, gets her first taste of stepping out into the real world and wow Parents does that hit home! I still get nervous as my Son heads out for a drive and he's been driving almost 2 years now!

Today on the Ocean County Breakfast Show we discussed "first cars" .... Do you remember your very first car? what was it ? memories ?


Most teenagers place considerable importance on a car's style (sporty), appearance (cool), performance (fast), size (room for friends), features (great audio system with iPod port), and accessories (customization). Girls like cute cars that reflect their personality and place less importance on performance and accessories than boys.

So today why is it I feel alil sad ? Is it cause she is the "baby" ? Is it cause she is "daddys lil girl" ? Is it just because she is heading out soon into a scary world ? Whatever the case I will have to adapt and start looking for her " first car "

Think I'll get her a TANK!