MY opinion!  But please if you get a chance, you can not miss this show!  It's on Tuesday's on NBC at 10:00.    

 "Parenthood" makes me laugh and cry every single episode.  When you click on the link of "Parenthood" and you will totally agree with me.  This season "The Braverman's" deal with Breast Cancer.  It is amazing the way they wrote it into the script and how it's being done.  Just enough humor but such a difficult issue to deal with.  I'm telling you -  get ready you will laugh, then you'll cry, then you'll laugh again!  I can't say enough about this show.  There are so many kinds of TV shows, but this one just hits home.  It's all about family, good and bad!

Here's the music video with clips from the show!  Enjoy!

Do you watch "Parenthood"?  Do you love it?  






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