One of my favorite magazines is Men’s Health even though I’m often frustrated that it seems to be aimed at men who are in great shape, very successful with plenty of money, travel quite a bit and are savvy when it comes to technology.

Scene from "The Notebook" ("The Notebook" Facebook page)

Obviously I’m not the target demo. 

I came across an old issue which had a list of pains worth enduring because while we all get hurt we are made stronger by the process of battling through them.  We by the way are men in this instance and again these are pains the magazine says are worth it:


  1. Splurging on a $1000 suit.  Not in my immediate plans.
  2. Eating ramen noodles.  I hope this pain is never realized because if it is then things have really taken a turn for the worse.
  3. Going all in, and losing.  This of course is a gambling term when playing Texas Hold’Em and I would imagine if you have ever experienced the feeling it’s not a good one.  Knowing I have bad luck I don’t play or gamble.
  4. Watching “The Notebook.”  It stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams and while it may be painful for you to watch it appears you have a good chance to impress women by remembering the plotline.
  5. Drinking green beer.  Never have, never will.  Well, never say never.
  6. Taking all-you-can-eat wing night literally.  Isn’t that why they make Pepto-Bismol?
  7. Undergoing a colonoscopy.  Not really painful and no excuse not to have it and it  may save your life.
  8. Visiting Disney World.  I did find it painful and once was enough.
  9. Fumbling through a bad date.  Since I have not been on one in more than 30 years the sting and pain of the bad ones has actually gone away.
  10. Dating a high-maintenance bombshell.  What’s the difference between that and marriage?
  11. Lying to your mother.  If you never did that then honestly you have had a boring life.  When you roll in at 9am after an all-nighter and tell her you were asleep at Tom’s house it’s a lie and she knows it.
  12. Running for president or campaigning for any long-shot score whether it’s personal or professional.  Been there,done that.

That’s enough pain for one day.