If you have concerns about the process involved in the eventual closure of Exelon's Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station in Lacey Township and its safe operation until then, there's a meeting being held just for you next month. The Oyster Creek Safety Advisory Panel will be holding its annual public hearing in Toms River on November 5th at the Ocean County Administration Building.

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Spokesman Larry Ragonese says if the public has questions about "how it will close, when it will close and if Oyster Creek is complying with current rules and regulations regarding its operation? Those are all valid issues to bring to the Safety Advisory Panel.

Ragonese says the Oyster Creek Safety Advisory Panel was created over a year ago to serve as an extra set of eyes as the plant begins to wind down its operations for its eventual 2019 shutdown. He says "the NJDEP created the panel with the goal of engaging the public and to insure them of efforts we're making to our review of the ongoing operation and safety plans at Oyster Creek in the years leading up to its closure.

Ragonese says the Panel's Key Missions are to:

  • Review the facility's safety operations
  • Look at Decommissioning plans
  • Look at its compliance with rules and regulations
  • Make recommendations for any further improvements of what is being done in preparing for the plants closure


He says the panel is also charged with reviewing the plant's records and conducting independent inspections. "The goal is really just keep an extra look at the plant."

However, he says the panel will not be able to answer questions about what will happen to the Facility or the site when it closes years from now? He says they're there for safety and compliance and to make sure it closes properly.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m.