It’s not often a major company opens it’s doors for the public to come inside and look at the inner workings, but Exelon will be opening the doors of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station in Lacey Township for its “Community Information Night”.

The even takes place Wednesday June 20th at the Oyster Creek Education Center, building 12 (Intake View Lane, Forked Rive, NJ) from 5 to 8 pm. The event allows patrons who attend to speak with employees and experts about plant operations, security, safety, and used fuel storage all while actually seeing the facility.

Additionally, Susan D’Ambrosio, Oyster Creek communication manager says many of the non profit organization Exelon works with, including the United Way of Ocean County, American Cancer Society, and various environmental organizations, will also have displays during the Community Information Night.

While many events sponsored by Exelon that have to do with Oyster Creek deal with controversial discussion between residents, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Plant officials over safety regulation; D’Ambrosio says this event is much less formal and is meant to be more “fun”.

“It’s not just looking and learning, it’s doing and learning as well, and it’s a pretty fun time.” Noting it gives the employees within the plant a chance to show off their jobs.

“There’s a lot of pride.” Says D’Ambrosio.

D’Ambrosio says when dealing with something as complex as Nuclear Energy, it’s important to be able to open up the doors of the plant and explain things one on one.

“Let them [the public] ask questions and get answers in a nice enjoyable relaxed setting is what we’re trying to do. We have a responsibility within our community to listen to our community and answer questions.”

Oyster Creek has been approved for operation by the NRC until 2029 however plant officials have said they will close down ten years early in 2019.

“Our plan is as long as we’re operating, we;’ll be doing this every year.”