How did the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Plant fare during the last quarter of 2012? What about during Superstorm Sandy?

These questions and more are answered in a new 52-page report compiled by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The assessment contains some recommendations and requirements for the owner of the plant, Exelon.

The data compiled by resident and specialist inspectors was gathered from the months of October to December. It includes the period before, during and after Sandy. Two low-safety issues were found. One was an equipment problem. The other was an overflow of water in a spent fuel transfer cavity.

NRC Spokesman Neil Sheehan says, "Exelon is cooperating fully with the provisions, which includes making permanent repairs to the drywell liner shell. This assessment is very important for the safety of the local community, something we take very seriously."

A separate NRC report in mid-January followed a special inspection of the plant's emergency response to the storm, citing several areas where performance could be improved but calling the steps taken "acceptable." During Sandy, the plant was offline for a scheduled refueling. The storm did delay the restart of the reactor. However, Sheehan says at no time was the public's safety at risk.

Sheehan adds the first of two assessments of 2013 will be released next month.

The plant is scheduled to cease operations in 2019.