How Long Is Too Long When Staying With Family

Usually I have Family visit our home, so I am not in this situation, but if your traveling this Holiday Season here's the findings ....

Extended Stay America has released the results of their new survey on holiday travel and staying with family.

The company asked about 4,000 guests about holiday travel, including how long is too long to stay with your family? The company found just over 21% of the people they asked said one to three nights, but more than 36% of people said four to six nights. Only about 17% said there is no such thing as too long. Of course those numbers changed when asked about in-laws. More than 42% said they've had enough of staying with the in-laws after between one and three nights. People were also asked what the biggest issue was when staying with family. The majority of people, about 59%, said sharing the bathroom. Only 24.9% said “over-inquisitive relatives.”

How much is too much ?