Our dog " T", is a total part of the family.  She's my daughter's sister and another daughter to me!  The love and companionship of a dog is amazing.  Maybe this is why when it comes to Christmas they get presents, too!

In a recent poll by Petplan pet insurance 89% of pet owners say they buy a Christmas gift for their cats and dogs.  

62.5% of pet owners say they have their pets pose for holiday greeting card family photos--I always put "T" in our family picture.  It wouldn't be the same without her.

76% of pet owners say their pets have a stocking.  It's a great place to put all their treats!

And how about all the cute outfits for our dogs and cats.  Adorable!

Every Thursday on "The Ocean County Breakfast Show" we have the Popcorn Park Rescue Zoo on with a new dog up for adoption.  Maybe a furry friend will make your Season Bright!  I know my furry friend brightens up my life everyday.