Toms River is celebrating another big stride in its post-Sandy recovery efforts with the reopening of the streets along the Ortley beachfront.

Courtesy: Toms River Township

Mayor Tom Kelaher says Ocean Avenue and Ocean Terrace have been shut down for the past 18 months as repair work progressed.  He says the area was hit hard by the storm.

"That whole street had been washed away," Kelaher recalled.  "The first morning I went over there with the police following the storm, the blacktop was gone, there was a water main five feet below the surface, that pipe was up on the ground."

All the dead-end streets in the area are now repaved and open to traffic.  Stop signs and One-Way signs are in place, but some street-name signs may not be up yet.

Kelaher says the reopening is just in time for the summer season, and he adds that the Township is ready to go with a full staff of lifeguards as well as new lifeguard towers and a new North Beach Lifeguard Headquarters.

Courtesy: Toms River Township