I've been waiting for this one.  I love all the shows at the Surflight, but this has to be one of my favorites of all time!  And I've been talking to some listeners about it and they're really excited for this one, too.

So tonight is opening night to watch our friend here at The Ocean County Breakfast Show...well we had him on the show, he's now our friend Bart Shatto who plays Jean Valjean.  If you've never seen Les Misérables before, Jean Valjean is the main character-- a convict on the run that's just an amazing character to watch.  You will fall in love with Bart's character by the end.  It's so good.  Les Misérables runs through August 24th.

Who doesn't love this song?


Surflight Theatre is a professional theatre company with a rich local history. Surflight has been the home for many now famous actors, directors, designers and musicians as well as for students interested in starting a career in the theatre. We also host the nationally famous Show Place Ice Cream Parlour complete with singing waitri and loads of fun with each scoop of ice cream! Now in our 64th year, Surflight is still going strong and providing those who venture to Long Beach Island, NJ an unforgettable summer experience. Our performances will fill you and your family’s hearts with love, laughter, nostalgia and joy that will last all the way over the bridge and beyond. Since 1950 we are, Broadway at the Beach!----Surflight Theatre

And this summer we've teamed up with the Surflight for these awesome Girl's Night Out!  This show is no different, I'll let you know when our next Girl's Night Out is and hopefully you'll be going with me to see Les Miz!



Surflight Theatre is located at 201 Engleside Avenue in historic Beach Haven, NJ.


Performances of Les Misérables are Tuesday at 2pm and 8pm; Wednesday at 2pm; Thursday at 2pm and 8pm;


Friday and Saturday at 8pm, and Sunday at 2pm.


Tickets are $45, with Groups (15 or more) $35 dinner packages available.


NEW: Surflight is offering military and veteran discounts: 50% off the full ticket price of all Surflight Theatre events for active military and veterans with ID.


Call the Surflight Theatre Box Office at 609-492-9477


Also you can buy tickets on line at Surglight.org