Last night we held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially celebrate the Grand Opening of what we affectionatlly call the Towsnquare Tower in downtown Toms River. 

The view from the fourth floor of the Townsquare Media building (Jason Allentoff, Townsquare Media NJ)

As you probably know our four Jersey Shore radio stations are all located in the Toms River Downtown Corporate Center at 8 Robbins Street which is probably best known as the former home of the Ocean County Observer newspaper.  The building has been completely gutted and renovated and we occupy the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors with a great view of the river and downtown area.

Townsquare Media began moving its business operation into the building last summer and completed the move in February when all four of our radio stations began broadcasting from the 4th floor.

While we still have some tweaks to make we thought it was time to christen the building and our arrival so last night well over a hundred invited guests, including advertisers, political and business leaders joined us.

Ribbon cutting of Townsquare Media's new Toms River headquarters (Shawn Michaels, Townssquare Media NJ)

Cutting the ribbon were Toms River Mayor Tom Kelleher, Ocean County Freehold Joe Vicari, New Jersey Broadcasters Association President Paul Rotella as well as our Regional Vice President Greg Janoff and General Sales Manager Don Dalesio.

Following that people toured the building and broadcast studios and enjoyed food from Wallach’s Farm Market and Deli.

I left here around 8:30 and only a handful of employees remained.  I assumed our regular cleaning service would return and when I came in this morning things would be back to normal.  My first sign that they weren’t was when I arrived at my 2nd floor office and was greeted by the smell of scallops and bacon. A nice smell at night but not at 3:30 in the morning.  Bottom line was all bags and cans of garbage were sitting outside my office door which means there was no cleaning last night.

Going back to my days as Vice President of Quality Control I could not leave this mess for the regular staff so I began making trips to the outside dumpster.  Of course I had to re-bag much of the garbage. Again not a pleasing task first thing in the morning.

Toms River Mayor Tom Kelaher and Shawn Michaels (Townsquare Media NJ)

At one point I pulled a bag out of a can and began removing it when a steady stream of red wine began leaking all over the floor.  I uttered a few…actually many choice words and the next 15 minutes were spent cleaning up the mess including locating the mop on the 3rd floor which I put to use.  I could go on but you get the picture.



If you run into me today and inquire its Polo cologne with a little red wine, scallops and bacon.   Oh and to my co-workers…a little advice.  Don’t push me today…don’t push me.