I'm going to be totally and completely honest here.

I don't like fall.

To me, the arrival of fall just confirms that summer is over and winter is next. But there is one fall activity that I really love.

Apple picking.

The smell of an apple orchard is truly one of my very favorite scents.

When I was a kid, every autumn we'd go to an orchard in Central Jersey. I remember the smell of the orchard hitting me the second I stepped out of the car. To this day, my favorite candle scent is Yankee Candle's "Macintosh Apple".

And of course there are some fantastic orchards right here at the Shore, too.

Next weekend I'm going to take a trip to one of the largest apple producers in the country, Adams County, Pennsylvania, to visit a good friend of mine from college and enjoy the smells and tastes of the season.

So what are your favorite apple picking destinations at the shore? Do you have a favorite apple recipe? Share with us in the comments section!


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