All of those sayings what she said when I was younger, I use now with my daughter.  It is the truth what is turn into your Mother..(And it's a great thing)!  Thanks Mom!According to a new survey from telegraph, women start turning into their Mother's at the age of 31.  They start watching the same movies and TV shows their Mom's watch.  They start saying the same sayings their Mom's used when they were younger and sometimes even like the same kind of men Mom did, too.  And can you guess when it all started...Yep, when women have children of their own.  Those sayings I remember as a child come out daily now, I'm totally laughing as I type this.

I'm loving this in the survey that a whopping 51% are ok with that they are turning into their Mothers.  I'm a girl that loves that!

I appreciate her and am blessed I have her in my life.  She's the softness of our family and just truly wonderful.

I do remember one thing she always did to me was wet her finger with her mouth and wipe my cheeks, mouth or head when I had food on it, I do the same thing to Abby.  I'm totally turning into my Mother!  I know that's not a saying, but I know you remember that and now you're doing it, too!

Do you find yourself, as you get older, you are turning into your Mom?