After years of delays, the old Foodtown site in Brick Township will be redeveloped.  Plans are now being ironed out.

Artist's rendition of proposed Foodtown property in Brick (Ocean Signal)

M&M Realty Partners has a proposal on the table to build a complex similar to Pier Village in Long Branch.  It will include retail space, condos and apartments.  Originally, there were plans to build a hotel and banquet facility on the site but that's now off the table.  The developer doesn't think it's feasible to do so.  Instead, they will opt for more permanent living quarters.

Mayor Steve Acropolis says the council will have a final say on what goes up at the site once all of the state approvals come in, and they hope it will be soon.  Acropolis explains "we are still waiting to hear from the state Department of Transportation and other sectors to get the ball rolling.  It's been a painful seven years trying to get this off the ground.  The previous council was supposed to get everything done and we are now hoping this new one will make it a priority."

Officials will also ask residents for their input.  Acropolis tells us "I would like to see a citizen's committee formed to get this done properly."

M&M must pay the Township the agreed-upon $7.5 million-dollars before construction can begin.

Currently, the site has been used by FEMA for Superstorm Sandy debris cleanup and removal.